About Us

Are you looking for a reliable, conscientious, accountable property management firm in the Houston Metro Area or beyond? Magnolia Property Management has the answers to all your management needs. Magnolia Property Management has been in business since 1999, with the emphasis being enhanced communications between the Board and the property owners. With Magnolia Property Management's custom management style, the Board is in charge, with the management company ensuring that their directives are carried out in an expeditious manner. Please read on for more information! We can customize your management desires to fit your needs.
We work closely with our Associations, with the emphasis being, it's YOUR Association, and we will abide by the decisions of the Board of Directors are, as well as guide the Association into a viable neighborhood. We offer:

Financial Reporting
In your financial reports, you will receive:
- Copies of your bank statements
- Balance Sheet
- Income Statement (year to date spreadsheet)
- General Ledger (with a/p reference)
- Owner account summary on outstanding accounts

Deed Restriction Inspections
We perform the subdivision inspections on a regular basis, with comprehensive reports sent to you. It is your choice for the Management Company to send letters or you may have a committee confirm or deny any proposed violations. After all, you are closer to the heartbeat of the community and may be aware of why certain violations exist (i.e. preparation for additions, sprinklers, etc.)

Day to Day Services
- Accounts payable
- Accounts receivable
- Sending out requested forms
- Daily communication with property owners who contact our office
- We have call notes at the central office. If, for some reason, we are unable to take the call, the property owner will NEVER hear a busy signal. We will contact callers, who leave telephone numbers within 24 hours. Most cases are less than 4 hours. If we don't have an answer, we will contact the property owner and advise them we are researching their request and try to make a commitment on a call back.

Interaction with professional advisors
- We have the accounting reports reviewed and serviced by a CPA.
- We believe that an Association should select their own attorney for representation. In the event that your Association does not have an attorney, or wishes to change, we can recommend several that would suit your needs.  

Board meetings
- Attendance of board meetings, in which the board packet includes:
- Minutes from previous meetings
- Financials
- Status reports from attorney
- Correspondence addressed to the Board
- Any other reports requested by the Board
- Attendance and set up of the annual meeting for the Members.

Additional charges
- Initial set up fee for database preparation and entry
- Mileage
- Copies/postage
- Court appearances
- Long distance calls
- Tax return preparation

Magnolia Property Management maintains a website, in which the property owners can find out about their neighborhood. We can include important numbers (non-emergency police, fire, emergency services, electric company and other services), as well as post ACC applications for easy downloading, in order to facilitate the proper avenue for approval of improvements. This is just another form of communication, which we feel is important to the enhancement of offering information.

If you have any questions, or desire to meet with our company, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Dennis at 281-599-0098