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Rivertree is a condominium community located in Lake Jackson, Texas. Rivertree is not currently designated as being in a flood zone.



AAB On-Line Payment Link
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Management ID: 6638
Association ID: RTOA
Homeowner ID: (account #) 10 digit number at the top of invoice
Payments made on-line can take up to 4 business days to process.

OR you may mail payments to:
Rivertree Owners Association
C/O MPM Payment Center
P O Box 98374
Las Vegas, NV 89193-8374

The United States Postal Service changed delivery times for First-Class mail on January 1, 2015. Mail delivery is now 1 – 6 days instead of the previous 1 – 3 days.

Therefore, take 6 days into account when mailing your Assessment payments to assure receipt by the 15th of the month.

You can set up recurring payments through AAB’s On-line website OR by completing the ACH Authorization form found on this website and returning it to MPM. Please note that any changes to your Assessment amount will NOT be reflected in recurring payments set-up through AAB as they are not tied into MPM’s accounting system so you will be responsible for making any changes directly at AAB’s website.

Payments will be credited to your account when received by the Association’s lockbox or MPM office, not when the check is dated, post marked, the date the payment is made on-line or the date the payment is withdrawn from your bank account.

Notice Required By Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code:

Accounts not paid in full by the Late Date will incur fees and costs. These fees and costs may include without limitation, costs of a statement, certified postage and handling, costs of additional notices, and/or legal fees and costs. As required by the above statute, this is your notification that any such fees and costs incurred will be charged to your account.

Rivertree Condominiums

418 Garland Dr
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
(Does not receive mail – physical address only)

Rivertree is a condominium community located in Lake Jackson, Texas. Rivertree is not currently designated as being in a flood zone.

Assessments, which are due on or before the 1st of each month, are comprised of an Operating Assessment and a Reserve Assessment. The amount is based on the size of the condominium. Operating Assessments include water/sewer, trash, common area maintenance, All Risk, windstorm and liability insurance for the exterior and frame of the buildings.

The Association’s insurance policy does not cover your personal property/contents/finishes inside your Unit. You will need to purchase a separate property and liability insurance policies to cover these items and provide the Association with your Certificate of Insurance.

24-Hour Maintenance Hotline: (361) 788-4563


Contact MPM office for Closing Documents Information


Clubhouse rental is $50 each 4 hour increment. There is also a Deposit required of $100.00.

Clubhouse Rental does NOT include the pool or the pool area. Please complete and return the Clubhouse Rental Agreement found on this website under FORMS.


Water leaks cost the Association and therefore YOU money! Please check all pipes and HVAC drain lines inside your Unit regularly and promptly take care of any plumbing leaks. Here’s how to easily check your toilets for leaks:

Insert U-tube Toilet Leaks Video? --- NEED LINK.


The Association’s recorded Rules & Regulations can be found under the Documents tab. A few of the more common questions answered by the R&R document are shown below:

Parking - Parking spaces located directly in front of the buildings are for Owners/Tenants only. Guests are to park in the middle section of the parking lots. Parking is very limited in some areas and violators will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense.

ACC - No structural alteration (construction, addition, modification or removal) of any Unit, Common or Limited Area (roof, attic, stairway, exterior wall, patio, balcony, etc.) is allowed without the express written approval of the Board and, if approved, must be done in strict accordance with the provisions of the Governing Documents and applicable laws. Board-approved changes/replacements of doors, windows and HVAC equipment must be done in accordance with current Windstorm codes and Owners must supply the Association with a WPI-8 certificate which has been filed by a certified Windstorm Inspector.

Trash - All trash is to be properly bagged and secured and placed at curbside on the morning of trash pick-up only (no earlier than 6 AM). It must not be left outside on porches, and not set outside the night before trash pick-up. The trash cans located in the Common Areas including the pool area and mail area are for use in those areas only. Owners/Residents may not use these cans for disposal of trash from their Unit. Heavy trash must be placed curbside, even with the pool fence to the right of the parking area in front of the mailboxes. Trash days for Rivertree Condominiums are currently Tuesdays and Fridays and rules for collection are governed by City ordinances and currently are as follows:

Heavy trash collection weeks are the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, In order to insure your large trash is collected, it must be place at the designated location by 8:00 AM, on the Monday of the regularly scheduled week BUT no sooner than 5:00 AM on the Saturday preceding the Property's regular Heavy Trash pickup week unless prior arrangements have been made with the City for a special pickup.”

The City of Lake Jackson picks up trash twice a week so there should be no reason for trash to be left out prior to trash days. Heavy trash does not include household waste normally collected on trash days. The designated heavy trash location cannot be used for household waste.


Pets - Pets must be on a leash being held by a person capable of controlling the animal when outside a Unit. Solid pet waste must be picked up and disposed of properly and in accordance with City Ordinances. Limit of two (2) pets per household. The Governing Documents gives the Board the ability to limit size and weight and prohibit any animal which they consider.

Detecting A Toliet Leak


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All assessment invoices have been mailed. Please follow the payment information on your community portal if you would like to pay online.

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