Candlelight Oaks Village

Welcome All!

We are so excited to be working with you and your neighbors.  We hope you like your new website.  

If you need to reach us via email, you may email  We are here to help.

CANDLELIGHT OAKS VILLAGE dues for 2017 are $308.00per lot. They are due January 31, 2017. Please make payments out to Candlelight Oaks Village (COV) You can contact us to make payment arangements.

 You may make online payments at


Additional info needed for online payments:

Management ID: 6638

Assosciation ID: 09

Homeowner ID: (account #)10 digit number at the top of your Invoice

OR you may mail in payments to: Alliance Association Bank

                                                       C/O MPM

                                                       P O Box 98374

                                                       Las, Vegas NV 89193-8374


Please look under the tabs for further information.



DATE:                    November 2017

TIME:                    7:00 PM (6:45 PM Sign-In)

PLACE:                  Our Savior Lutheran Church

                               5000 W. Tidwell, Room C10, Houston, Texas 77091



Do you have an exterior project that you need Architecture Committee approval for?  Please fill out the ACC form in the documents section and return it to Magnolia Property Management.  Questions? E-mail Erica at

The Pool application and Pool Rental Forms are located in the documents.  This is NOT included with your Associaton Fee and the facilities do not belong to Candlelight Oaks Village.  However, this is an agreement with the sister association as courtesy to the community. 

 Board Members

Jeff Krahn President 713-682-5766
Phil Collins Vice-President  
Martha Gebhardt Treasurer/Newsletter 713-956-8817
Sharon Galloway Secretary 713-688-3836
Susan Sloan Director  
Matt Baier Director 281-224-9508
Zelma Lawrence Director 703-944-7897





Other Important Number:

Emergency                             911

Police Non-Emergency                                   713-884-3131

SEAL Security Solutions                               713-422-2770

NW Sewage Plant Complaints                       311 or 713-641-9956

MPM Magnolia Property Management       281-599-0098

Air Quality Control                                         713-640-4200

Councilmember Brenda Stardig                     832-393-3010

State Senator, Sylvester Turner                    713-683-6363

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee            713-655-0050

                        Washington Office                  202-367-9239

Neighborhood Protection Division                 311 or 713-218-5500

Street Light Repair                                         713-207-7777

Automated Garbage Hotline                          311 or 713-956-6589

Recycling Hotline                                           713-865-4201